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The aim of the World Journal of Management (WJM)) is to publish scholarly work that contributes to the body of knowledge . It publishes both theoretical and empirical scholarly papers and case studies relating to broad filed of General Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Dynamics, Strategic Management, Leadership & Change, Business Ethics and all other issues relating to management. Another aim is to create modern literature relating to above fields of research.

This journal is one of the sponsors of Annual International Business Research Conferences in London, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Hawaii, Sydney & Melbourne, Australia which is attended by hundreds of academics and these authors have access to the print and online issues of the journal


The publisher, founding author, editor and the members of the editorial board are not responsible for any view or opinion or research findings expressed by the author(s) of the papers published.

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World Journal of Management

Volume 4 Number 2September 2012  ISSN: 1836-070X (print), ISSN:1838-3726(Online)


Current issue


Are MBAs Meeting Business’s Needs?: Michael Segon and Chris Booth


The Impact of Outsiders on Small Family Firm Performance: Evidence From Italy: Niccolò Gordini


Determinants of Empowerment of Rural Women in Bangladesh: Nazrul Islam, Ezaz Ahmed, Janet Chew and Brian D’Netto

 Published By: World Business Institute, Australia

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