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   Journal of Business & Policy Research    

          Volume 8 Number 1 March  2013   Special issue

    ISSN: ISSN 1449-387X


No..    Papers   Author

Is Increasing Financial Integration Related to Improved International Risk Sharing?

: Hans-Peter Burghof  and Helena Kleinert


Free Cash Flow and Performance Predictability in Electric Utilities

: Karen Nunez


Understanding Information Systems Evolution and Management through an Analysis of Power, Power Sources and Stakeholder Dependencies: A Case Study

: June I. Bradley and G. Michael McGrath


Poverty Alleviation: Corporate Social Responsibility Approaches by Multinational Corporations in Lao PDR and Thailand

: Nattavud Pimpa


Income Tax Rate and Earnings Management of Firms Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange

: Eko Suwardi


An Empirical Investigation of the Links between Job Search Behaviour, Career Strategies, and Perceived Employability

: Irmak Erdogan


Auditorsí Independence, Experience and Ethical Judgments: The Case of Malaysia

: Razana Juhaida Johari, Zuraidah Mohd Sanusi, Rashidah Abdul Rahman and Normah Omar


Who Cares about Renminbi? Currency Relations in East Asia at a Closer Look

: Jyh-Dean Hwang


New Zealand HR Employee Communication: Comparing 2000 and 2010 Empirical Results with Forecasts for 2020

: Pieter Nel

10     An Examination of the Value Relevance of Intellectual Capital: The Case of Banking Industry      :Sampath Kehelwalatenna* and Gamini   Premaratne**1




























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