Guidelines for the Author:

The Author must provide the following sections in the paper and the paper must be organized as following order.

1. The introduction

  1. Must contain problem statement or research question.

  2. How the paper is organized must be stated

  3. Must not contain any figure or table

2. Literature Review

  1. Enough relevant past studies must be included

  2. Recent studies must be provided

  3. Adequate literature must be there

3. Methodology:

  1. Data or study period must be recent, not old.

  2. Justification for selecting year of study must be provided

  3. Justification for the model used or primary/secondary data be provided

  4. Sample size justification must be provided

4. Results/ Analysis

  1. Results/findings should be convincing

  2. State whether analysis/results/findings supports or rejects hypotheses

  3. Results contribute to body of knowledge

5. Conclusion

  1. Shows originality

  2. Language is OK and Limitations of the study must be provided