Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing

Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing


Although SEO and Digital Marketing have a similar idea behind promoting a business, they both work on totally different levels. SEO and Digital Marketing do have some similarities and most of the time, and they work hand in hand. But an SEO company is hired to optimize a website to make it get recognized by the search engine and improve its ranking in the search results. It is more like a back end process of digital marketing, and an SEO specialist integrates both digital marketing and SEO to achieve their goals. But as they are two different segments, let us look at the difference between an SEO specialist and a digital marketing manager.

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is experienced and qualified to optimize a website to increase traffic and conversion. SEO is a tool which is a part of the digital marketing toolbox. The strategies used by an SEO specialist can be blogging with important keywords, guest posting, and learning how the search engine works. An SEO specialist is only concerned about increasing the number of clicks on the website, and good traffic on the website gets the job done.

SEO Can Be A lot More Complex

In most cases SEO specialists will use varying techniques to try and get your website ranking. For example some might focus on more white hat techniques and reach out to bloggers, whereas others will create the websites themselves. This is called PBN Hosting and it allows people to create websites and then link back to the client they are trying to boost up in the rankings. It’s a very effective method but it can be dangerous if not done correctly, this is why you need to properly vet your SEO agency before engaging with them. Most SEO agencies should be upfront about this and tell you what they are doing but unfortunately this isn’t the case. We would recommend bringing this up to see if it’s something they do because if it is there is a good chance they aren’t doing it right and it’s risky.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager on the other side takes care of the entire process of the rest of the marketing on the internet. After the users visit the website, what they receive on it is the job of a digital marketing manager. There are several practices involved in digital marketing such as email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and mobile marketing. Digital marketing also has offline options such as Radio, Billboards and TV advertisements. So a digital marketing manager plays a bigger role in increasing a company’s brand value and presence in between consumers.

The new age of digital marketing

new age of digital marketing

With time and technology, the techniques of digital marketing have also improved. With the best sources available today, The digital marketing techniques and SEO strategies have been incorporated for better reach to consumers. SEO will make the consumers reach to you over any of your consumers, and proper digital marketing will gain their attention, so they go forward with relying on your service. SEO creates high-quality websites for businesses, and digital marketing takes care of promoting it on all platforms.

Integrating digital marketing and SEO

The search engine comes up with new techniques every day to make its searches more refined and accurate for users. So the SEO techniques are changing constantly to keep up with the trends and ahead of the competition. Recently SEO has incorporated with digital marketing for better traffic and conversion rates on the websites. With improvements in the search engines, the quality of SEO and DM also needs to be improved over time and needs new marketing strategies constantly.

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