Global Review of Accounting and Finance 

                                 Volume 3 Number 2 September 2012 


                        Papers                                                                  Author/Authors

1. The VET System and the Demand for Skills: Implications for Australiaís Workforce

: Alexis Esposto

2. How Does Corporate Governance Affect CEO Pay in Family and Non-Family Firms?

: Hin-Cheung Annie Ko and HH Stella So

3. How Close Are Romanian Regulations and the IFRS for SMEs? - An In-depth Analysis for Inventories

: Cătălin Nicolae Albu, Maria Mădălina GÓrbină and

Dan Dacian Cuzdriorean Vladu

4. Determinant Factors Affecting The Audit Quality: An Indonesian Perspective

: Eko Suyono

5. Credit Scoring Model by Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

: Narumon Saardchom

6. Voluntary versus Mandatory Corporate Disclosures on Management Responsibilities for Financial Reporting: An Empirical Investigation

:Samir M. El-Gazzar and James M. Fornaro

7. The Transmission Mechanism from Australian Mining Stock Volatility to Australian Exchange Rate Volatility

: Xin Zheng

8. The Impact of Company and Board Characteristics on Earnings Management: Evidence from Malaysia

: Fatimah Hanim Abdul Rauf, Nor Hasimah Johari,

Sharifah Buniamin and Noor Raida Abd Rahman

9. The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Voluntary Accounting Information Disclosure in Malaysian Listed Banks

: Sheila Nu Nu Htay


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