WJSS: Publication Process



Publication of your paper involves following steps:

Step 1:

After you submit your paper along with authorís declaration, it would be sent for blind review to the reviewers and as soon as review process is over, the corresponding author will be informed about the outcome. 

Step 2:

At this stage, the author must pay US$300 as submission fee for both print and online version and US$200 for online version only and must send us the completed payment form as provided in the Payment Form link.                                                 

Step 3:

As soon as payment is received, review report will be sent to the author who must comply to the observations contained in the report and such compliance must be denoted in RED INK. . The author must follow the author guideline and send the final copy to  Dr. Mohammad Hoque via his email address; mohammad.hoque@buseco.monash.edu