WBI Gold Medal for Best Doctoral Thesis

The World  Business Institute  (WBI) provides gold medal for  Best Doctoral Thesis every year  at the dinner oof its IBR conferences as a recognition  of excellence  in academic research  by doctoral students.  Any student  falling to  broad category of  subject area  such as Investment, Money and Capital Market, Globalisation, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing,  Business Statistics, Public policy , governance and Banking is eligible to apply  for such award. There is  an award for every major field of research .subject to the  selection of such award  by the Committee.

 Criteria for the Award


  1. The thesis contributes to furthering theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological knowledge
  2. The thesis  is an original, thorough and well presented piece of research  which are adaptable to scholarly and professional dissemination
  3. Awards are open to those  who have satisfied  examination requirements  for a

Doctoral award between  June 2004 and October 15, 2006.

  Procedures for  making Awards


  1. The applicant  for the award must  send us  summary  and conclusions of the thesis accompanied by copies of all examiner’s full reports.  Alternatively, the applicant  can send us a paper  which covers major findings of his/her research plus an abstract of the  thesis and  copies of all examiner’s  full reports. Such paper must be presented  at the Third International Business Research  conference in Melbourne, Australia.


  1. All applicants  must attend  the conference and  complete the registration form of the conference.  Please visit our website for registration form.


  1. Entries  will be judged by  the WBI Awards Committee on the basis of