Journal of Business & Policy Research    

           Volume 7 Number 2 July 2012

    ISSN: ISSN 1449-387X


No..    Papers   Author

Spillover and Leverage Effects of Faith-based Exchange-traded Funds

Jo-Hui Chen and John Francis Diaz


The Impact of Contagion on Non-Performing Loans: Evidence from Australia and Canada

D.E. Allen, R.R. Boffey and R.J. Powell


Is the Chinese Economic Growth Sustainable? A Macroeconomic Approach

James Xiaohe Zhang


Impact of the Individual Dimensions of Globalization on International Competitiveness in Regions

Hanna G. Adamkiewicz-Drwiłło and Stanislaw Maciej Kot


New Evidence of Financial Integration in Asian Markets

Andrew C. Worthington and Helen Higgs


Debt Maturity Choice of a Firm: Evidence from African Countries

Tesfaye T. Lemma and Minga Negash


The Impact of extraversion, agreeableness and emotional stability on Sales Performance: A Comparative Study between Muslim and Non-Muslim Managers:

 Lily Wisker


Exploring Auction Performance Index of Individual and Corporate Sellers on Taiwan’s Yahoo! Kimo Website

Pei-Hsuan Hsieh and Feng-Min Ma


How First Mover Advantages and Agglomeration Economies Affect Foreign Entry Survival

Jing’an Tang and Ben S. Liu


Service Quality, Customer Involvement and Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Retail Banking in Bangladesh

Johra Kayeser Fatima and Mohammed Abdur Razzaque


What Does Federal Reserve Target? Current or Expected Inflation

Charbel Bassil


The Degree of Penetration and Impact of Internal Marketing Affecting Corporate Performance

Tatsuya Kimura


A Comparative Study of Compliant and Non- Compliant Individual Taxpayers in Australia

Ken Devos


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