Journal of Business & Policy Research

Volume 5 Number 2 December 2010 ISSN: ISSN 1449-387X

No..             Papers                 Author
1  Accounting Conservatism And Ownership Concentration: Evidence From Malaysia  Rahimah Mohamed Yunos, Malcolm Smith and Zubaidah Ismail
   2  Fertility, Income and Household Poverty in Ghana Vijay K. Bhasin, Camara Obeng and Isaac Bentum-Ennin.
   3 Collateral Valuation in Clearing and Settlement System: Narumon Saardchom.
   4  Export Barriers Facing Canadian SMEs: The Role of Mental Models Peter Yannopoulos and Margarita Kefalaki.
   5 Press Reporting of Debt Choices: Bank, Non-bank Private, and Public debt Laura Gonzalez
   6 Opinions, Recommendations and Endorsements: The New Regulatory Framework for Social Media Ed Forrest and  Yong Cao
  7 Alliance Experience and Service Quality  Zhe Zhang and Bruce Barringer
  8 The more things change the more they stay the same: A contemporary examination of leadership and management constructs Chris Booth, Michael Segon and Timothy O’Shannassy
  9 Choice of Underwriters in Initial Public Offerings James R. Booth, Lena Chua Booth and Daniel Deli
 10 Does Malaysian Tourism Attract Singaporeans to Revisit  Malaysia? An Empirical Study K. Jayaraman, Soh Keng Lin, Ch’ng Li Guat and Wooi Leng Ong
 11  Addressing MBA Shortcomings: Developing Management Competencies through Reflective Practice  Michael Segon, Chris Booth, Tim O’Shannassy and John Douglas Thompson
 12 The Effects of Participation in the Development of Performance Measures on Managerial Performance with Fairness Perception as a Mediating Variable: (An Empirical Study of Hospital Industry in Central Java, Indonesia) Y Anni Aryani and Puput Rahmawati
 13 The Effects of Ownership Structure on Operating Performance of Acquiring Firms in Emerging Markets: Tze-Yu Yen and Paul André
 14 A new model of Online advertizing effectiveness on customer responsiveness: a case of laptop companies in Malaysia Arian Ghajarzadeh, Navid Sahebjamnia, Khosro Sahaleh, Alireza Chavosh and Anahita Bagherzad Halimi
 15 Profit-Loss Sharing and Value Creation in Islamic Banks Ruhaini Muda and Abdul Ghafar Ismail
 16  SOX 404-compliant ERP System Internal Control Framework - The Preliminary Outcome She-I Chang and Derek Jan

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