Journal of Business & Policy Research

Volume 5 Number 1 July 2010 ISSN: 1838-3742

No..             Papers                 Author
1 Micro- Cap Stocks: On the quest for lower risk and higher returns: A. Seddik Meziani and Luis San Vicente Portes
   2 Building A Culture Of Innovation: A Case Of Pharmaceutical Industry In Jordan Abeer Abdul-Karim Pharaon and Neil Burns
   3 The impact of institutional investors of the performance of Companies listed at the PSE Murad H. Harasheh and Monther Nijim
   4 An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the CEO in Banking Institutions James L. Morrison, G. Titi Oladunjoye, and Dale Rose
   5  ‘Push Factors’ of Outward FDI: Evidence from Malaysia and Thailand Tajul Ariffin Masron and Amirul Shah Md Shahbudin
   6 Implied Risks from the Credit Curve – Evidence from European Credit Derivatives Finbarr Murphy and Bernard Murphy
  7 Web as New Advertising Media among the NetGeneration: A Study on University Students in Malaysia Arasu Raman and Viswanathan Annamalai
  8 Performance Comparison Derived from Influential Factors between Male and Female Headed Firms in the Lao MSMEs  Sengaloun Inmyxai and Yoshi Takahashi
  9 Perspectives on Corporate Governance Challenges in a Sub-Saharan African Economy John O. Okpara
 10 Consumers’ Shopping Behaviour Pattern on Selected Consumer Goods: Empirical Evidence on Malaysian Consumers  Oriah Akir and Md. Nor Othman
 11 Assessing Economic and Financial Cooperation and Integration Among the GCC Countries Salem Nechi
 12 Bank credit and economic activity  Iman Sharif

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