Global Review of Accounting and Finance    

                 Volume 3 Number 1 March 2012


 1.Enter the Dragon: China’s Convergence with Rest of the World;  Accounting Perspectives and Empirical Evidence

 Dani Foo, Lei Qi and Howard Davey

 2.An Empirical Analysis of Determinants of Dividend Policy – Evidence from the UAE Companies

 Anupam Mehta

 3.Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Income Distribution in Malaysia: Social Accounting Matrix Framework

 Mukaramah Harun, Siti Hadijah Che Mat and Ahmad Zafarullah Abdul Jalil

4. The Impact of Pension Fund Freezes on Firms’ Systematic and Specific Risk

 Claudia Champagne, Stéphane Chrétien and Frank Coggins

5. Company-Size Effect on the Polish Stock Market

 Jacek Welc

6. Disclosure In Local Government Financial Statements: the Case of Indonesia

 Dwi Martani and Annisa Lestiani


                   Update 28-03-12